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Ray Ban Wayfarer Sizes

If you are looking for a Ray Ban sizes chart then you are in luck! Below you will find two sizing charts, one for the Ray Ban Wayfarer Sizes and one for the Ray Ban Aviator Sizes.
Take these measurements into consideration when you are picking which Ray Bans you are going to purchase.
Step 2: Pick your style
Wayfarer vs Aviator
Ray Ban Wayfarer Sizes
Ray Ban Sizes Chart

Step 3: Pick your frame colour and lens colour
Use the chart below to help you pick your size. Sizes are not gender specific so you can choose any size.
Step 5: Buy it!
It's as easy as that :)

Ray Ban Size Chart

Ray Ban Sizing Chart

Aviator Measurements
Lens MeasurementsFit
55 mmSmall
58 mmMedium
62 mmLarge

Wayfarer Measurements
Lens MeasurementFit
50-52 mmSmall
54-55 mmLarge

Ray Ban Price Comparison

Summer is fast approaching and in just a few months people will be hitting the beach. When you say summer, it is synonymous with sunglasses. Everyone needs a pair of great looking sunglasses as part of their summer wardrobe. Many people covet the most popular brand of sunglasses. Number one on their list is the Ray Ban sunglasses. People are familiar with this brand because many famous people are photographed wearing them. The popular design right now of Ray Ban is the Wayfarer. Admittedly, buying a Ray Ban may be too expensive for most of us but there are different ways for you to be able to purchase a Ray Ban Wayfarer of you own.
Owning a Ray Ban Wayfarer can really be quite expensive. However, if you will be purchasing one the assurance of quality is very high. Ray Ban Wayfarer is considered an investment by most people due to the protection they provide for the owner’s eyes from harmful sun rays. A pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer is an excellent addition to your fashion closet.
For you to decide on where to purchase your new Ray Ban Wayfarers, below are the prices of a standard pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer from different online stores as well as brick and mortar stores.
Ray Ban Sunglasses RB2140 Original Wayfarer
Retail Price : $200.00

Ray Ban Price Comparison

Godden's Genuine$97.98$116.00$129.00$145.00
Sunglass Hut$159.95
These are just a few of the shops that you can check out a Ray Ban Wayfarer prices. These prices can serve as your guide to help you find the best store that will help you have your first Ray Ban Wayfarer and be a part of the many satisfied users of these iconic sunglasses.
If there is one proof how fashion is dominating the world we are living in these days, then definitely, these are the different sunglasses that we see being worn by people around us. One may say that wearing sunglasses is not that necessary since we can continue living our lives even without them. However, this is what fashion is all about. It is not a necessity and yet we are treating it as a must-have.
The sunglass is one of the ìinî things that we must always have every time we would go out of our comfort zones. Apart from covering our eyes and protecting it from the scorching heat of the sun, people are also using their sunglass to express their fashion taste and their personality as well. It might not be surprising anymore if you will see a person who owns multiple brands and styles of these sunglasses since each has its different characteristics that would suit a particular event or occasion. Moreover, if you are that type of person, the Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglass is the perfect fashion for you. And knowing what the Ray Ban Wayfarer sizes can do would also come in handy if you are thinking of buying one.
Nevertheless, before we go the importance of the sizes, let us first talk about the Ray Ban Wayfarer Sizes and Product Specifications:
  • It comes with different colors and sizes
  • It has a sleek frame and rounded shape that makes its wearer look fabulous on it
  • It has a quality polarizes lens that would suit and fit every person.
  • It has the protection that would make your eyes safe even from the brightest sunlight; perfect for those who are always outside the comfort of their homes.
Important facts about Sunglasses:
People do not wear their sunglasses without exerting an effort if the said sunglass would fit their looks and is capable of making them look great with it. This is why a mirror is always on the side in every sunglass store so that the buyers will have an idea if a particular sunglass suits his fashion taste.
Since sunglasses are made to provide fashion to its wearers. There are things that one must first recognized before he could choose which sunglass he will purchase. The shape of oneís face must be properly determined in order to have a clear idea, which brand and style of sunglass will really suit. Having the right item in your possession will also make the money that you have spent worth of it. Therefore, this only means that you have to search the market for the perfect one for your face.
Ray Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses to the Rescue:
With the Ray Ban Wayfarer sizes, you have wide arrays of options that would suit your face. The following are some of the styles that will fit whatever shape your face has.
Wraparound - semi-circular shape and has flat lenses that will perfectly cover both of your eyes including some portion of your face also. This style is said to be perfect for a person who has an oval shaped face.
Wayfarers - these squares sunglasses with those high temples and curved edges are also perfect for an oval shaped face. If your face is already square, then you must not wear this style to avoid looking squarer in your appearance.
Ray Ban Wayfarer Sizes
Aviators - this is perfect for people who have either small or large faces. It has rounded frames and is commonly worn by law enforcers, high-ranking military personnel, and even by pilots. But these days, more people are now wearing this sunglass to have that chic look and to remain ìinî with the current fashion.
Ray Ban Sizes Chart
Now that important information and details had been laid down on you; making the right choice will not that be difficult for you anymore. Remember that in choosing the right sunglass, look at the shape of your face before you decide and of course, look at the right brand the Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglass.

My Love Affair with the Ray Ban Aviator

It was love at first sight! I saw him walking along the corridor with a confident swagger. Then he rode his motorcycle in a speed that can merit a speeding ticket. Oh! I am in love! I am in love with Tom Cruise’s Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. I have been watching Top Gun for the nth time just to look at how cool the Ray Ban Aviator is. What is it about you that can make me swoon and day dream the whole day? Is it because of your dark, mysterious lenses? Or is it about your tempered glass lenses? Whatever it is I am in love!

What are aviator sunglasses?

Aviator sunglasses are style of sunglasses made by Bausch and Lomb. They used the brand Ray Ban. These Ray Ban sunglasses have the design of dark, reflective lenses. The lenses cover the area of the eye socket. The metal frames with bayonet ear pieces or flexible cable temples that hook behind the ears. The large lenses are not flat but convex. This design attempts to protect the eyes by filtering as much light. This will protect the eyes from the strong rays of the sun in all of the angles.

When did the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses become popular?

Of course, when Tom Cruise wore it in Top Gun! Not really? I think I know the history of the aviators much better than you. I am telling you that it became popular when Tom Cruise wore it in Top Gun. Oh, so you mean the real history of its popularity. So I read that it became popular during the 1960s when iconic celebrities wore it like Michael Jackson, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr from the Beatles. Of course, the Ray Ban aviators are developed because of pilots. They are meant to protect the eyes of the pilot while flying. Hence, they are also known as pilot’s glasses.

Who are some celebrity Ray Ban sunglasses users?

So you are saying that since you belong in the younger generation you are not familiar with the people I mentioned. You really do not know Tom Cruise? All right, there are still other celebrities that use Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses. There is this American actor that starred in Prison Break, his name is Wentworth Miller. Then there is Al Pacino, Robert Downey Jr. and even Mr. Angelina Jolie. Oh! Sorry, I meant to say Brad Pitt. Here is news for you, Ray Ban aviator sunglasses are not only for men but also for women. The likes of Bar Refaeli, America Ferrera and Alicia Keys wore them too. You are not still convinced? What about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears? At last, you are impressed!

What do I love about Ray Ban Aviators?

Let me count the ways… I love a Ray Ban aviator because it is a classic and never goes out of style. The design is very chic and perfect for anyone who wants to draw a little attention to themselves. I am really a shy person but when I wear my Ray Ban aviator, I became a whole new person, I become more confident. It is probably the way the lenses are made. They are tinted just right. They cover the eye sockets sufficiently. They not only give me confidence, they also protect me from the glare of the sun. When I say protection, it is the real thing. The Ray Ban sunglasses protect our eyes from UVA and UVB rays which can damage our eyesight in the future. The lenses are also scratch resistant.

Other things to know about Ray Ban Aviators

Aviators not only have dark lenses, some have mirrored lenses. The Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses are unisex. The Ray Ban Aviator sizes have three elements: the eyes size, bridge size and temple size. The Ray Ban has three classic models. RB3044 is the smallest and is most suitable for people who have small faces. The models RB3025 and RB3026 have medium, large or extra large sizes. The medium sizes are most suitable for an average face. The large will be appropriate for large faces but the differences in these two sizes are really small. The lens measurement for a medium Ray Ban Aviator is 58mm by 52 mm . The large is measured at 62mm by 65mm.
Do you now understand why I am in love with a Ray Ban aviator? These sunglasses are timeless. If you are in your teens right now and these aviators are popular. When you reach your 30s or 40s they will still be popular. You will still be considered cool and stylish even if you advanced in years. That is the charm of Aviators. What are you still doing here? I suggest that you fly out the door and buy a pair of your own.

Ray Ban Aviators Are a Fashion Must Have

There he is! Tom Cruise is coming towards me. He is wearing his Ray Ban Aviators. I am going to faint! He is so hot! He is giving me the dimpled smile. He is removing his Ray Ban Aviator glasses slowly. I see his face; he is looking straight at me. Oh no! Tom Cruise is cross-eyed!!! Ring!!! My alarm went off. It was just a dream. Thank goodness! I don’t think my heart can take it if that dream was a reality. I will be brokenhearted if I learn that Tom Cruise is wearing aviator sunglasses because he is hiding some flaw in his eyes.

Ray Ban Aviators

What is it about Ray Ban Aviator glasses that make me take a second look at a man? Maybe it is because of the dark reflective lenses that covers the eyes. It makes one really mysterious and you would want to see what they really are hiding behind those Ray Ban aviators. I know that aviators are originally invented to help pilots be able to navigate the planes they fly free from the glare of the sun. Since then, aviator sunglasses became popular with celebrities and they are used in movies by action heroes. The most popular movie that used these iconic sunglasses is Top Gun that starred Tom Cruise. I think that it is also the classic style and the clean lines of the frame that makes ones face look good while wearing it.

Price of a Ray Ban Aviator Glasses

Ray Ban is known for high-end sunglasses. It means that owning a Ray Ban sunglasses does not come cheap. Who could blame them? If you buy Ray Ban sunglasses you are assured of high quality of workmanship in every sunglass. They are durable and stand the tests of time. Sure there will be cheap ones out there but you are not assured of their quality. So, if you think that the price of a Ray Ban Aviator glasses is quite steep, think again. It is a good investment especially if you want to look good. For guys, it can be a chick magnet. For gals, it will be an accessory that will go well with any of your wardrobe. It can be part of your casual wear or formal wear.

Lenses for Each Ray Ban Sunglasses

If you are not sure yet of what Ray Ban sunglasses will be good for you, you can consider the types of lenses they have. There is the High Contrast Brown Lenses so that you can have very clear vision with maximum protection. These lenses block out blue light. If you are a sports buff, this will be suitable for you. The Neutral Grey Lenses are for those who need to minimize eye strain. The popular lenses now are the polarized one. These are used to reduce the amount of reflected light into your eyes. Ray Ban polarized are mostly used in outdoor activities wherein the wearer has to see clearly but needs some kind of filter from the harmful glare of the sun.

Advantages of Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses

Ray Ban polarized sunglasses first became famous because well-off fishermen and boaters wear them. Mostly they used these to cover their eyes from the glare of the sun and the shimmer of the water that surrounds them. Presently, it is not only boaters who wear them but different people from all walks of life. People who love outdoors like bikers, golfers, joggers and skiers prefer to use Ray Ban Polarized Sunglasses. Ray Ban Polarized sunglasses provide a clear view of what is ahead of them without the added glare of the sun. You may be surprised but polarized sunglasses can also be used indoors especially be people who are sensitive to light.

Aviator and Wayfarer

You might think I am being very biased because I only talked about one kind of Ray Ban sunglasses which is the aviator. There are other styles of Ray Ban sunglasses. In fact, another popular style of Ray Ban sunglasses is the Wayfarer. Ray Ban Aviators is the more masculine type of sunglasses. They denote a seriousness that is opposite of the Wayfarer. The Ray Ban Wayfarer shows a fun, edgy and relaxed manner of the wearer. In terms of popularity they are head to head. Both of them had they ups and downs.
I may lean a little on the Ray Ban Aviators because I am a fan of Tom Cruise. I may also like it because of how it makes a man look mysterious and hot. Still, it is up to you whichever you would want to have. One thing I am sure, if they are Ray Ban sunglasses you cannot really go wrong. These sunglasses can compliment your wardrobe. They make you look cool and stylish.

Why Should You Wear Ray Ban Glasses?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you would be familiar with the brand Ray Ban. They are the makers of quality sunglasses for the past 70 years. They are the ones responsible for the Ray Ban Aviators and Ray Ban Wayfarers. These sunglasses are elegant, timeless and chic. They may be considered as part and parcel of your fashion wardrobe. You will be considered cool if you own a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses. Although it is another story if you have to wear prescription glasses, your style might be cramped. Never fear, there are Ray Ban  Glasses to still make you look fashionable and hip.

Style and Variety

Wearing eyeglasses could really be a traumatic experience. You can hear the cruel jokes of four eyes ringing in your ears. The nightmarish part is being labeled a nerd just because you are wearing eyeglasses. Those days might be over when you wear the Ray Ban glasses prescription. They have the same quality, craftsmanship, style and comfort we have come to know of the Ray Ban sunglasses. There are different collections to choose from. The Ray Ban glasses for men are designed to cater to the different needs and preference of customers. The style are inspired by current fashion but still retaining the distinguishable Ray Ban style. The motto by Ray Ban “Never Hide” is really very applicable because you do not need to hide and be afraid of wearing eyeglasses.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Every time you will buy a Ray Ban glasses for men you are assured of excellent quality. The materials used are strong, flexible and lightweight. It ensures the wearer comfortable and long lasting eyeglasses. It can withstand the wear and tear. The craftsmanship of Ray Ban glasses went through meticulous process. Each detail is carefully examined to ensure that each eyewear would have a perfect fit and excellent comfort for the wearer. The Ray Ban glasses are now manufactured in Italy by Luxottica.

Frames and Shapes

In choosing your eyeglasses, Ray Ban offers different types of frames. There are the full and half frame. There are also the oval and rectangular. The materials are available in metals and plastics. Most of the frames have rectangular shape variation.  Ray Ban guarantees that there are many models to choose from. Even though they are prescription glasses you will still look cool and fashionable because you are wearing Ray Ban.

Price and Affordability

If you think that a price of Ray Ban glasses for men will be beyond your reach, then you are wrong. There are internet stores that offer great discounts. All you need to is check out different online stores that offer cheap Ray Ban glasses and choose the one that you think will suit your budget. You also have to be on alert for cheap but fake Ray Bans out there in the market. Make sure that the Ray Ban glasses that you will purchase are authentic and genuine. Check for authorize dealers of Ray Ban. If you are still wary of buying Ray Ban glasses online, then you consider visiting store outlets. There are many optical shops or department stores that sell Ray Ban glasses and eyeglasses. All you have to do is check local listings near you.

Ray Ban Sunglasses in Prescription Form

If you still think that having a Wayfarer and Aviator would be hard for someone who wears prescription eyeglasses, then you do not have to worry. Ray Ban is also offering Ray Ban prescription sunglasses. You will still be able to wear the iconic sunglasses that stars and famous people are wearing. That is how Ray Ban thinks of their customers. They make sure that you will be able to use their sunglasses or eyeglasses. You will not only feel stylish while wearing a Ray Ban, you will also be able to see clearly what is ahead of you.

Ray Ban started developing their sunglasses because they want to help the pilots who are exposed to the harsh glare of the sun. Since then it became a popular eyewear not only by the pilots but also famous people in the film and television industry. With the likes of Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, and other famous stars, Ray Ban sunglasses were assured of the place of being iconic symbol. Ray Ban sunglasses never go out of style. They not only look good with men but women as well started wearing them. To continue their stylish and fashion forward tradition, Ray Ban ventured into prescription eyeglasses as well. They made sure that the Ray Ban sunglasses you have learned to love would be transformed in Ray Ban glasses. This will give the wearer some confidence in wearing eyeglasses because with Ray Ban glasses you can never go wrong or out of style.

Ray Ban Sunglasses: A Timeless Classic

Fashion trends change every year and it’s not just the clothes. Even fashion accessories like shoes, bags, jewelry and eye wear follow the dictates that these trends impose. However, there are things that transcend trends and remain stylish despite the changes. If I can only think of one thing that transcends fashion trends, the first thing that comes to my mind are Ray Ban sunglasses.Ray Ban sunglasses are very iconic, they’ve been used by many popular and prominent actors, actresses, musicians, politicians, and celebrities throughout the years; from the past up to the present. Justin Bieber and Katy Perry are just some of the hot celebrities seen using Ray Ban sunglasses and who consider their glasses as important elements to their overall style.
A lot of kids of this generation think that Ray Bans must be a recent invention, given how “cool” they look, how sleek, modern, and fashionable these sunglasses are. What most people don’t realize is that Ray Ban sunglasses are actually born out of necessity and wasn’t created as a fashion statement.
Let’s take a peek into its history. In the 1930a, Col. John A. Macready was a famous flight instructor to the US army and a pilot itself. After a balloon flying adventure, colonel complained about the damage in his eyes from the rays of the sun. Because of this incident, he spoke to Bausch and Lomb to make him something that would protect his eyes from the sun and look perfectly elegant. They came up with a prototype known as “Anti-glare”. It has lenses made up of minerals that can block the ultraviolet rays that the sun emits. Later on, it was introduced to the US Air Army Corps.
Several Ray Ban sunglass designs have been created through the years to meet the changing fashion trends. However, Aviator and Wayfarers both boasts of popularity because of their classic look. Aviators’ concave dark lenses look classically elegant and fashionable. It was popularized by Douglas Macarthur’s’ photos on the newspapers using the Aviator sunglasses as he landed on a beach in the Philippines. Its lenses were designed to cover the entire scope of the human eye to avoid light from entering the eye in different angles. Another design is the Wayfarer. It has a trapezoidal shaped frame and well-built arms. Its design completely defines masculinity.
When buying Ray Ban sunglasses online, you have two options: you can go to their official website or you can go to sites that offer Ray Ban sunglasses sale. When you buy from their official website, it will be a little expensive. However, buying from them ensures that you bought the genuine article. You know that the pair you’re buying has the quality that people can expect from a pair of Ray Bans.
If you want to get a better deal, you can try buying Ray Ban sunglasses that are on sale on the internet. However, you have to be careful because there are a lot of fake Ray Bans out there and a lot of them are sold online. These fakes are often less durable than the original and sometimes look nothing like the real thing.
Before buying a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, you have to consider a few things to make sure that the pair you’re getting will make you look good. You have to look at the shape of your face and the color of your skin and hair.
If your face is a bit round, go for sunglasses with square frames, like the Wayfarer. Round frames go well with those who have square, angular faces. If you have an oval or heart shaped face, you can pretty much wear any shaped frame you want.
Classic lens colors like black, brown and grey suits all hair colors and skin tones. But Ray Ban sunglasses also have a wide variety of lens colors to suit each person’s unique style. In terms of function, high contrast brown was made for maximum clarity and protection. Neutral grey are recommended to reduce eye strain and see very definite colors. Polarized lenses are made to reduce the amount of light from the sun. Lastly, light adaptive lenses adjust its color depending on the light on its surroundings.
Once you’ve decided on what shape and color you want, you can now start choosing from Ray Ban’s wide variety of sunglass designs. For men, the most popular choices are the Wayfarer and Aviator because of their distinctly masculine look and classic style. For women, the most popular Ray Ban sunglasses are the Jackie Ohh. These sunglasses have large frames reminiscent of Jackie Kennedy Onassis effortless style and grace. For kids, Ray Ban has a junior collection where you can find a wide selection of sunglasses, from the simple to the wild. All junior Ray Ban sunglasses can give your kids their own unique style while providing them with maximum protection.
If you want to buck the trend, you can still do that with Ray Ban sunglasses. Limited edition sunglasses can be found on their official website and collector websites. You can also order customized or prescription Ray Ban sunglasses from their site.
Ray Ban sunglasses can be seen everywhere, from the screens up to the streets. Its classic look, timeless style and undeniable quality are the reasons why Ray Bans will always be Ray Bans style essentials.